Hotel Franchising

Hotel franchising is a very popular concept. Hotel franchising includes the franchising of hotels, motels, inns, and other forms of lodging and boarding. Hotel franchising includes a lot more technicalities compared to restaurant or fast food franchising. Hotel franchising leads to hotel chains appearing in various parts of the world.

Franchising in the hospitality industry requires a lot of research and conscientiousness from the franchisee’s end. The franchisee must be very through and attentive while going through the initial process with the franchiser’s agents.

Hotel franchising is an expensive business. The franchisee must be able to bear all the initial costs that might arise during the setup takes place. The franchiser needs to be checked out thoroughly before entering into any agreement because the hotel’s reputation, both past and the present, needs to be considered.

It is a good practice to check with the hotel’s other franchises regarding the support system offered by the hotel. The hotel’s management must be able to provide documented proof about the experienced way the existing franchises are being handled. If the hotel already has franchises, it would be good practice to ensure a level of expertise on part of the management based on the way these franchises are being run. This will ensure the applicant gets to know the hotel’s policies and quality standards being maintained in the franchises.

The applicant must have a clear idea of the industry and the market to target before opting for franchising. This will help in maintaining a clear perspective on what the hotel wants from the franchiser. Also, this will help the franchise to grow independently with little help from the hotel.