Hotel Front Office Manager

Travel and tourism industry is expected to grow continuously but this does not actually assure that the position for hotel front office manager will also be thriving. It has been foreseen that smaller lodging facilities or new hotels but offering smaller and limited services are on the rise. These facilities will not be requiring large staffs and numerous managers as well. Furthermore, small lodging businesses are cost cutting and usually assign one manager to oversee the overall operations of their facility. Therefore, there will be a keen competition among hospitality trained executives applying for the above mentioned position. One must exert great effort in making their resume stand out and be considered in short listing of applicants.

Applicants for hotel front office manager may impress hotel owners or general managers by presenting excellent educational background and trainings as well as vast experience in hotel industry. If one lacks bachelor’s degree in business, hotel, or hospitality management, an associate degree or professional certifications as a Certified Room Division Specialist would be sufficient. Sometimes employers are more impressed with those people who climb on the executive ladder through hard work, determination and strong leadership capabilities. An effective hotel front office manager must be able to coordinate front desk operations including reservations and room assignments in addition to other guest services like concierge, transport and luggage services. He is also responsible for inter-department communication and coordination. He further handles the trainings of hotel front desk staff to ensure that guests are treated courteously, complaints and problems are tactfully handled and resolved and special requests and services for a specific guest is complied and well carried out.

Hotel front office manager must have the social capability to get along with different types of people even under stressful circumstances. He must have a good analytical skills and firm decision making to be able to resolve problems quickly.