Hotel Management As a Career in India

Hotel Management has been rated as one of the most popular choice of students after 10+2 studies.


In the present era, tourism in India has evolved from a simple leisure activity to a much more advanced – diversified activity having a direct bearing on the socio-economic progress and the effect on per capita income in India. The business volume of tourism in India is on a par with that of revenues earned from oil exports + automobiles, etc. India has earned the reputation of an incredible tourist destination with the diversity of experiences.

Visitors coming to India are influenced by the richness of Indian culture, touched by the warmth of Indians, amazed by the grandeur of Indian monuments and delighted with the excellent standards of Indian hotels.

To be able to cater to the increasing inflow of tourists in India, there are numerous international hotel chains across the country. Regardless of where you go & what your pocket allows spending for the purpose of boarding and lodging, India has all types of hotels ranging from budget hotels to 5 Star Deluxe Hotels in the country to cater to the varying tastes of all types of guests. So a degree in hotel management in India will open the door to a world of exciting career opportunities. Apart from this, hotel management students in India might also get the chance to go to exciting places abroad. The students can opt to work with hotels, resorts, cruise ships or other organisations affiliated to the Indian or International tourism industry.

The Indian Tourism sector has shown a remarkable capacity to adjust itself to the changing market conditions, fuelling growth & job creation around the world, despite the lingering economic & geopolitical challenges present in the world.

Demand in India for international tourism was strongest for destinations in Asia and the Pacific with a projected growth of 5%- 6% in the year 2015.

Career after doing Hotel Management Degree:

In the last 10 years, Indian tourism industry has witnessed an increase in foreign tourist arrivals plus spurt in domestic tourism with around 30 million Indians who travel within the country every year. The rising demand has given a boost to the employment opportunity in the Indian tourism sector. While most graduates usually seek work in 5 Star hotels or other private hotel chains, some find themselves seeking alternative employment, career avenues in restaurant management, cruise ship, hotel management, institutional & industrial catering, club or bar management, airline catering and cabin services or management of catering departments in Indian banks & insurance houses.

At middle management and supervisory levels in the Hotel Industry, students are absorbed in the multifarious areas of hotel operations including Front Office/ Food & Beverage Services/ Food Production or Kitchens/ Housekeeping and Marketing & Sales. All of these are specialized areas of operation and require a great deal of study and practical application in India. Coupled with this is the requirement for trained manpower in India in special areas such as airline and railway catering- industrial catering- institutional catering- etc. and that has warranted further augmentation of training capability and modernisation of existing facilities in India. The Indian hospitality industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 2 decades and the demand for trained manpower in this industry is immense.


There are various short term and long term courses available in the Hospitality Management studies. Students can pursue Certificate (6 months- 1 Year), Diploma (1 Year) or Degree (3 Years). There are tremendous Hotel Management colleges in India to gain this professional education.