Hounded: The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

I do not usually read fantasy novels, but I'm glad I made an exception here; I loved the story. A Druid lives in Arizona, pretending to be twenty-one years old, while he is actually twenty-one centuries old. He is threatened by witches and assisted by werewolves, all of what also appear, on the surface, as normal people. He meets otherworldly creatures who help him in his fight against the evil Celtic god.

I always want more than just a good story, however. The Druid's connection to the earth and use of energy provide that. The Druid draws its energy from the earth, a reminder of our separation from nature in this technological world. We see the importance of understanding the use of energy in his actions and how we have lost the connection to our environment and our bodies. The author is subtly teaching us. I like that.

The violence, which is so prevalent in many stories, and in our world, is more acceptable here as it is directed only to defend good, an important distinction. I like the Druid. He is a good guy and the reader begins to care about him, laughing at his sense of humor and appreciating his humility. His qualities of shape-shifting and appealing energetic energy from the earth, he is never arrogant or self-assured, a refreshing reply from many characters, both fictional and real.

I look to getting drawn back into this Druid's exciting, crazy, moral and funny world in his next two books in the series.