House Cleaning Tips – A Housewives’ Selection of Shortcuts and Tricks

There are many tricks and tips that woman and housewives have discovered over the years to help get rid of stubborn stains and difficult things to clean. These house cleaning tips should help you save a lot of time, energy and effort by giving you a short cut to the quickest and easiest way of cleaning or removing stains.

To get rid of a nasty red wine stain, blot the affected area with paper towel and repeat until all the moisture has been soaked up. Then add soda water mixed with white wine. This should clear the stain right up.

If you have a particularly artistic child who enjoys drawing on the walls with the crayons you can remove the art by adding toothpaste to the area and scrubbing down. Rinse with warm water. Tomato sauce can also be very difficult stain to get rid of. Don’t panic though, rub the affected area with a kitchen towel and shaving cream, and then mop it up with a sponge.

Ovens can be difficult to clean, but if you wipe their insides out with a mixture of our vinegar and add hot water you should find the process quite easy. It is also advised that you clean your oven counter top while it is still fairly warm as this will prevent the dirt and stains from having time to settle in and harden. Depending on where you live, the water quality used in certain kettles tends to cause them to develop a thick lime scale inside. You can purchase products from your local supermarket specifically aimed at getting rid of this problem. Alternatively you can boil the water and then add vinegar leaving it to soak for a good few hours. You can then remove the water and clean the kettle out.

It is often difficult to get your glasses looking clean and sparkly without any residue on them. In order to achieve this sparkly look wash your glasses in soapy water separately from your other dishes. Then rinse in a mixture of hot water and white vinegar. Place on a drying rack to dry and avoid drying them up with a dish cloth as this can cause smudges.

Keep these house cleaning tips aside and store them in a notebook, because these are problems that you will most likely come across in your day-to-day life.