House Of The Rising Sun Chords

A very popular song that will add confidence to your piano playing is called The House Of The Rising Sun. It is an easy one to play and to sing along with. One can play it in the Key of A minor and here you can use the following chord chart:

Am – C – D – F – Am – C – E

Am – C – D – F – Am – E – Am

You can also play this moderately slow song (Andante moderato) in the Key of E minor. I have transposed the music 5 half-steps down. Here is what the piano and guitar chord chart looks like:

House of the Rising Sun

Em G A C

There is a house in New Orleans,

Em G B7

They call the “Rising Sun”,

Em G A C

It’s been the ruin of many a poor girl

Em B Em B7

And God, I know, I’m one.

The left hand arpeggiated chords or broken chords would be played as single notes, one at a time, in such a smooth, legato style. For those who sight-read, you would be observing the slur marks. Let us begin with a chord breakdown. It really helps to know your chords or to have a chord dictionary in your music library. Many online resources are available for this as well.

First, you would play the Em chord with the single notes, E-G-B. Next, the G Major would have this inversion, D-G-B. Followed by A Major, play another inversion, C#-E-A and then C-E-A.

You will be anticipating the B7 chord change that stands out in the song. How I love that sound. At this point, you will want to play these bass notes, F#-B-D#. Keep in mind, while playing in the Key of E minor, the key signature has one sharp and that is F#. It is the same when you are playing a song in G Major, too.

So whether you play the song down low or choose to play an octave higher the second time for a more dramatic effect, you will want your melody line to be very melodic and flowing. Here are the single notes for the right hand.

B-E -F#-G-B-A-E-E (There is a house in New Orleans)

E-E-E-D-D-B (They call the rising sun)

B-E-F#-G-B-A-E-E (It’s been the ruin of many a poor boy)

E-E-B-B-E-E (and God, I know I’m one.)

Have fun playing the song for your own enjoyment and sharing with others.