How and Why To Use a Fitness Journal

Have you had trouble getting results in your weight loss? If so, you MUST read this. I have had success with my clients by just getting them to add a fitness journal to their daily routine. Find out how and way you should be using your fitness journal!

Now you may be wondering what a financial manager has to do with this topic, but, just bear with me here. I do have a point to make. If you’ve ever talked to any financial manager, or person who gives advice, the first thing they tell you to do is to get a book, and take it with you. They want you to write down EVERYTHING you spend your money on all day long. Even if it’s a tiny little quarter! This helps people get their financial situations under control.

The same thing goes for fitness. When I have my clients write down everything they eat all day long this has several different benefits. The first benefit is that they begin to learn exactly what is in what they are eating. For instance, they start looking at labels and calculating how much protein, fat, carbohydrates, and sugars are in all the things they are eating. Sometimes, they begin to become surprised at how much sugar or how much fat they are eating in a day.

The second benefit is that they are becoming accountable for everything they put in their mouth. They know that I may be looking at it, and they are going to have to explain themselves. They also know that they are having to look at it themselves on paper. This seems to make it more real than just casually dropping back that huge piece of chocolate cake!

Both of these benefits bring on another benefit. They begin to make wiser decisions through out the day. They begin to think, is that piece of candy worth writing down? Or, is that bag of potato chips really worth writing down?

This same principle goes for logging the exercise you are doing. By being consistent with your journal, you will be able to see your personal progress on a day to day basis. This is excellent encouragement to keep going. Many times, when you start to hit the small goals, you don’t notice it by the time you get to the bigger goals.

There are lot’s of different journals out there, so, find one that you like and start writing it down. Get in the habit and do it for at least a minimum of two months. You will see the difference it makes!