How Can Hardiplank Fiber Cement Lap Siding Help You With Your Siding Problems?

Fiber cement otherwise know as Hardieplank is a very popular siding product in Seattle it isa great alternative to Lp, Maisonite, or Weyehauser exterior building materials. This is largely because of the durability of the product. It is one of the few ways to have the appearance of wood without the headaches that come with the real thing. The steady rains in the Pacific Northwest demand that a siding product have a water-resistant surface, and Hardieplank siding does. It also is resistant to bug infestations and fire, and lasts for a half century or more. Hardieplank siding is actually made from cellulose fiber, sand and like it's namesake, cement.

Is fibercement siding cost effective?

While fibercement siding costs more than vinyl, it is still less expensive and lower maintenance than most other options such as cedar. Stucco for example, is a great deal more expensive than Hardieplank siding yet does not last as long. In comparison to other expensive siding options, Hardieplank siding stands up very well.

Putting up the material is very similar in installation to vinyl and cedar siding and other types of outdoor coverings. It is installed into wall studs and has a weather barrier in between. The siding is fairly easy to work with but can be challenging to cut at times due to dust and crumbling. This dust can be controlled by using specific tools to cut the siding. Overall, it is very similar to other types of Seattle siding.

What are the benefits?

There are many, but the most popular one is the resemblance to wood without the headaches and deterioration of the real thing. Wood is susceptible to pests, rot and fire just to name a few things. Hardieplank is not.

The great thing about this material is its also very affordable as mentioned above when you consider that it is built to last for nearly 50 years at least. The maintenance and upkeep is very easy, as cleaning it requires little more than soap and water. All of these benefits combine to make fiber cement siding a Seattle siding favorite.

When you consider the various selling points of this material, it is quickly apparent that it is a leading option among those consumers that want an affordable, yet sturdy siding option. Also, it is a number one choice among the many people that want the appearance of wood, while keeping the convenience of Hardiplank. In the Pacific Northwest, it is of particular popularity because of the weather resistant nature of this siding.