How can "Heat Retentive Plates" Help the Ceramic Industry in the USA?

For many years, the competition on plates, cups and dinnerware in general has been based on beautiful designs and production costs only, after all … how do you make a plate better? gadget (bells and whistles) so that they sell better. or that you You can make them more potent too, or go the opposite way and make them more fuel efficient.

But plates? you can only make them more beautiful but you also have to make them at a low production cost. The USA is not winning this competition.

What would happen if you could make a better plate that nobody else can make? and that you could make it as beautiful as any plate in the market ?, and what about a better coffee mug ?, a tortilla warmer, an endless line of products that only you can make?

Microwave heat retentive plates can be preheated for just one minute and they will stay HOT for 30 minutes to keep food hot at the table. The rim or edge of the plate remains cool for easy handling.
There is a lot of information on the internet about these plates now, they are a product looking for a manufacturer.

If you look in the US economic census NAICS 327112 or simply go to WALMART OR TARGET and look at the plates you will see what I mean.

heat retentive plates are patent pending, nobody without a license or sublicense will be able to produce them in any other place in the world. PCT APPLICATION (International) has been filed

Anyone, nobody will be able to import them to the USA. heat retentive plates are a product looking for a manufacturer. A small or medium size manufacturer could set up a production line for this product and teach the big guys a lesson.

The industry lost too many jobs, and the equipment and the plants … are they collecting dust?

for more information on microwaveable retentive plates, just search the internet, there is lots of information available about this collectively new technology (a practical application of the Stefan-Boltzmann law).

Juan J. Ramirez