How Can I Make My Penis Bigger?

A bigger, thicker penis is what most men would never refuse if someone offered them the solution. A big thick one will satisfy your woman like never before. How can I make my penis bigger a friend of mine asked me and since so many men have the same question, I decided to outline a few methods. The methods below are the ones being used today by men all over the world.

Surgery for penis enlargement should be last on your list of ways to increase your natural size. It is really expensive and you might not be able to get an erection or an orgasm after the procedure. Even though the possible side effects are that extreme, many men decide to undergo enlargement surgery.

The second option is making your penis larger with a penis pump. Pumping your “soldier” to the extreme can’t be good. They are meant to hold the blood in your penis, thus making it bigger. I have seen extreme cases where men have disfigured their penis beyond repair. Of course, that is the most severe case, but one can never be too careful. A lot of men also experience the inability to get and maintain normal erections without using the pump firs. So there are definitely a lot of things to consider here. This is the second, and also the second most popular method. The bottom line is, they can be completely safe, but if your not careful, they can cause a lot of damage.

Penis enlargement exercises are the third option, it is also the method gaining the most popularity at the moment. They are relatively safe, compared to other methods out there. Realistic, permanent gains, can be achieved with exercises. Promises of unrealistic gains, I have seen promises of gains up to 8 inches, should obviously be ignored. However, it is possible, and many men are achieving this, to significantly increase length and girth.

The most popular exercise is performed by massaging your penis with your lubricant of choice, coconut oil for example, until it is between flaccid and erect, the challenge is staying in that mode. If you get a full erection, simply wait and continue exercising when you are back to that mode. Use your thumb and index finger to grab your penis at the base and slowly slide your hands towards the head of your penis, you will notice the head of your penis filling up with blood. When you reach the glans, hold the position for approximately 10 seconds before doing it again. Do about 25-30 repetitions.

Another widely used exercise, consists of pulling to achieve increase in length. Grab your penis, with your palm facing up, and pull downwards, you should feel the stretch quickly. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds for each direction. Down, up, left and finally right. This exercise can add some length your penis. The important thing is to find the balance between a full stretch and discomfort. Perform this exercise for 8 minutes, so that each direction gets about 2 minutes of stretching. There are other advanced stretching techniques available, this one is popular for its simplicity and the fact that the whole exercise can be finished in under 10 minutes.

The focus still seems to be on pills and pumps among most males. While the safest, and more often than not the most effective method is ignored. Before spending a lot of money on expensive surgery and devices, consider naturally increasing your size with exercises like the ones above. With persistence, dedication and some time, you can realistically enlarge your penis. Significant gains in length, general erection hardness, and most importantly the circumference of your penis.