How Can You Get a Guy to Like You? Here Are the Secrets to Getting His Undivided Attention Fast

A guy walks into the room, and suddenly your life is set in slow motion, as you look at him for the first time and are instantly smitten. Boink, goes the reality hammer on your head. How can he, in this sea of ​​girls, notice you? It's not rocket science, but it's not exactly 123 either. Here you will get to see how you can get a guy to like you, even when he sees a million times out of your league.

The first thing you will need to do to get noticed, is become visible. You may not be directly visible, but you will need to establish presence. He may see you and recognize you, and voila, instant conversation. If you frequent a place that he does, go there whenever you can.

Mind your stance.
Guys can smell an overly angry girl. If they do, only two things will happen. They will either look away, or will take advantage. When they do take advantage, it does not mean, in any way, that they are interested. So, never ever walk into a room, especially when you know he'll be there, with your head down and your feet dragging themselves across the floor.

Be radiant.
This is nothing to do with your makeup, or what you're wearing. People who are radiant naturally glow with life. They are happy and spontaneous, and are confident in getting to know people.

Ask yourself this: If I were another person, why would I be interested in me?
You should be able to come up with a big list of reasons. If you can not, you seriously need to stop lusting over that guy and take a self-esteem seminar instead. Do you like your legs? Are your eyes always a subject of compliment? Does your hair make a lot of people do double -takes? Are you into creative photography? Are you part of a non-profit org and visit Asia regularly to help poverty-stricken nations? Do you play in a band? Whatever it is, be proud of it. And be willing to talk to people about it.

Know your connections.
It's a reliably small world, and you never know the people in his circle may be some people in yours too. If you know a few folks who are acquaintances of the guy you are crushing on, get on their good side, and if you're comfortable, ask them to introduce you.

Walk up there and strike a conversation.
Icebreakers, one liners and small talk are really critical these days, when you want to talk to someone you like but are afraid you'll only be eaten by shame and silence. Be as casual as possible, and smile. It usually only takes a smile for any guy, and I mean any guy, to smile back and make a move so you will not have to.

Be yourself, but with your guard up.
This is a cliché, but it has never worked on anyone. When you are yourself, your actions are more flawless and natural, not scripted. However, remember that you're looking into getting this guy to like you, so you also must be careful since something you do may cause him to sprint in the opposite direction.