How Can You Play Snooker Like Ronnie O’Sullivan?

There are several methods to use in order to increase your ability to play snooker. The traditional method is to put in 10,000 hours of practice time on a table and see how your form turns out. This method usually involves some coaching and watching how other people play. This traditional method causes a player to become as good as the players he surrounds himself with. The challenge of this is that a player ends up becoming as good as everyone that he plays snooker with. In this type of setting, a player can improve quite quickly until he or she reaches a plateau. This plateau then becomes the limit of skill that a player possesses and becomes incredibly difficult to surpass. Only through sheer grit, determination and constant practice can a player get their game up to the next level.

The reason for this is simple. If you can play good enough as everyone else, you end up believing that this is as good as you can become. On the other hand if you played with players who were running centuries very frequently, you would, just through thought vibration, morphic resonance and the influence of the environment on your subconscious mind, end up adopting the skills required to increase your ability and subconscious beliefs about what your snooker playing capabilities are.

This is why the Asians who were in the final 32 of the 2010 World Snooker Championships have been able to play so well. They have been practicing with Ronnie O’Sullivan. Just by hanging around with a genius of the game, will effect your playing ability. You would be able to see and hear how he hits the ball. You would be able to feel his energy and absorb some of his essence. This would have a far greater effect on your ability to play Snooker like Ronnie O’Sullivan than any other method.

Since you can’t always have the luxury of being able to play Ronnie O’Sullivan, are there any other effective ways to be able to absorb his essence into your own game?

One of the most effective means to creating change is through subconscious programming. Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D and author of the award winning book ‘The Biology of Belief’ says that 95% of all our behaviour and actions, or MORE, is directly attributed to the programs in our subconscious mind. Bruce Lipton has been a scientist since 1968 and I’m not going to argue with him.

So since our subconscious mind is in charge of at least 95% of what we do, doesn’t it make sense to do something with our subconscious mind to improve our Snooker game? Imagine how much better you would play if you could have the Ronnie O’Sullivan subconscious Snooker program in your head. How much better would you play? How much easier would the game be if you hit the ball and thought about the game just like he did? What if you could have this program running on automatic pilot? Is this even possible?

It is possible although our understanding of the human mind isn’t good enough to really be able to suck up all of Ronnie’s snooker brains. However, there are technologies that exist that allow us to capture some of his ability.

The ways to really capture as much of his playing abilities, comes down to just one thing. And that is to completely influence your subconscious mind with the belief that you can run centuries and knock in 147’s. If your subconscious mind had the information programmed into it that believed knocking in tons was easy, you would be making centuries.

Is that hard to believe? Consider this…there are ten year old kids who are knocking in centuries. More and more are doing it every single day. The more we are exposed to more and more people knocking in tons, the greater our belief system will support the idea of doing it ourselves.

Its just like Roger Bannister and the four minute mile. Before him, nobody could do it. After he did it, hundreds of people have been able to do it.

So how can we get this reprogramming mind stuff into our heads if we’re not a ten year old kid?

First of all, the reason kids can learn so much is because between the ages of 2 and 6, children are primarily in a theta brainwave frequency. Theta is the brainwave that allows the subconscious mind to download new information. This is why children can learn 3 languages at once and learn to play pianos, chess and golf. Look at Tiger Woods, Bobby Fischer and Mozart. Are they geniuses? Yes and their parents took advantage of their kids hyper learning state. This hyper learning state known as a hypnogogic trance or a theta brainwave state is what allows them to download all that information.

Since we can’t go back to our childhood, what we can do is get our brains into a theta brainwave frequency by means of an entrainment audio. There are several other methods to get into a theta brainwave frequency such as taking a super hot bath or shower. This is why people have so many great idea when they are taking a shower. Their subconscious mind is being accessed and all that subconscious creative information is allowed to flow out due to their brain being in this theta brainwave frequency.

So once you’re in a theta brainwave you can learn stuff much faster.

So how does this relate to being able to play Snooker like Ronnie O’Sullivan?

In Snooker-Cybernetics there is a sample module that allows the listener to go into a theta brainwave frequency.

While you are in this hyper learning state, you would hear Ronnie O’Sullivan giving you the suggestions required to play like him.

That would mean your subconscious mind would be programmed while you’re in a hyper learning hypnogogic trance just like a kid, while hearing Ronnie O’Sullivan giving you his own personal advice on how to play Snooker like him.

That’s one way that you can learn to play Snooker like Ronnie O’Sullivan.