How Choose a Floor Lamp

Unique home lighting consists of many parts, including special place in floor lamps. Proper placement of lamps help to place emphasis on important details of the interior or disguise unwanted items for review. In some cases, well-chosen lighting the room and helps save energy.

Intelligent selected and installed lamps are capable of do wonders with any bathroom. Lamps in combination with additional lights can create a quiet corner of the room for board games. lamps in the shape of a woman or a flower vase will make room in the bedroom of Princess, and lamps unique form of musical motifs can be used to create colorful and unusual living for a family of musicians.

Before you choose a standard lamps, it is necessary to determine which targets will be designed room. Living room, nursery or workplace – each of them own own meaning and its character. Therefore, each of them must be covered with original versions of standard lamps.

Lamps with the scattered light are well suited for a quiet evening games household. Want to retire with a favorite book – turn on the light a lamp for reading, and a fantastic atmosphere of the book will be transferred to your bedroom will become your personal fairy tale. Floor lamps in the office attractive because of their practicality – located on the lamp frees the work area on the table. A combination of scattered light floor lamp with a directional light table lamp will illuminate the area for good reading, while reducing eye strain. Floor length with a tripod for more than two meters perfectly replace pendant lamp for general lighting.

Modern floor lamps are particularly useful. You can adjust the lighting intensity and length of the tripod, changing the direction of light in a desired direction. Some models can even vary at will the shape of the lamp.

Floor lamp with shade create a soft, diffused light. This effect is achieved by using special light-scattering materials: rice paper, cotton, blown glass or acrylic plastic. Designer lampshades, by contrast, creates a concentrated light to target the desired coverage areas.