How Daily Affirmations Can Help You Win the Lottery

I came across an illuminating statement that I want to share with you. Think about this for a minute:

“Money is nothing but energy that reflects one’s thoughts.”

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We are what we think about. Some clever writers have tied up this principle in books like “The Secret.” And of course Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” is a classic.

I’ve normally ignored popular thinking on this kind of simplified mind control. It seems a bit too ‘new age’ for my liking. But I have to admit, it really works. You see, what this clever comment on money and energy is really saying is this…

You are your thoughts.

Put another way – you are the sum of your thinking. There’s nothing crazy about it. It’s a fact… consistent, focussed desire will get you whatever you want.

I’ve proved that time and time again, and I’m the most practical, sensible-to-the-point-of-boring kinda person out there. Everything I see around me, home, cars, luxury, and a happy fulfilling life… has been achieved through this kind of focused optimism.

I’ll tell you how it’s done. Every day, as many times as you can, say this simple motivational sentence to yourself out loud:

“I earn $—— a year, easily and consistently.”

(This is to increase your income. I’ll get to the way you can work it for the lottery shortly).

The amount can be anything. You work out what you want, and use that figure. Could be $50k… could be a million.

Just say the affirmation up to 50 times a day, or more.

– Say it 5 times on awaking.

– Say it 10 times before breakfast.

– Recite it on your way to work.

– Mouth it silently as you work.

– Spend a few minutes in your breaks keeping the sentence alive.

– Instead of listening to music on the way home, say your affirmation.

– Repeat it when things go bad.

– Take a break before bed and repeat it again, 10 times.

Now, the universe won’t fall into your lap as if by magic. That’s not how it works. What this affirmation does is make you more sensitive to your goals.

Remember when you bought a car – then kept seeing the same model all over the place – when before it never appeared anywhere? It’s like that… the mind is awakened to fresh possibilities. You don’t have to do anything more than keep your affirmation in front of everything you do.

But winning the lottery is not as predictable!

There’s an element of luck that even the best lottery winning system can’t control.

So how can your affirmation give you more wins – or bigger winnings?

Like this. By unconsciously letting you increase your involvement in your goal. You see, if you keep a goal in the forefront of your conscious mind, it will very quickly affect everything you do. Then – even when you’re not thinking about it – it will work subconsciously to your benefit.

It’s the eureka moment all over again. The answer comes when you least expect it.

Now, when you apply your affirmation to winning lotto, you’ll soon notice these things happening:

– You will play more games. Because when you increase your exposure to winning opportunities, you will start to win more easily and consistently.

– You will increase the number of tickets you take. You increase your winning odds even more by multiplying your opportunities.

It’s a magical suggestion tool, your affirmation. I’ve proved that it works, and here’s the proof:

Remember the popular cliche: “Be careful what you wish for…?”

That’s because for everyone that follows it, the statement ends like this… “…you may receive it!”