How Do I Market Myself? – One Woman's Trash Is Another Woman's Treasure

I recently had most of my hair cut off and made a drastic color change. Although I've now adapted to the change very well I had a difficult time feeling confident with my new 'do the first week or so. I decided to make some hair accessories to dress up my hair a little to give it a little more feminine look. So I dug up my old costume jewelry that I had inherited from various sources and got to work. I was pleasantly surprised at the way they turned out and the feedback I was getting on them.

Almost overnight my little personal project turned into something that people were paying money for. I now enjoy spending hours on end making hair jewelry with my friend, Heather. The most fulfilling aspect is to walk into thrift stores and buy the most unpopular costume jewelry that they can not seem to get off their shelves; sort of as a challenge to myself. I take it home, tear it apart, put it together with some other restored jewelry or a ribbon and give it new life. I take something nobody sees to want or notice and turn it into a fashion statement.

Like old costume jewelry, you probably have some old content lying around, seemingly useless. Try giving it new life. Make your old trash a new treasure. If you do not like the way a blog post is organized, take it apart, add a few new things and use only the best parts when you put it back together. Maybe you have a flyer you used to send out that had great information on it but not a lot of response. Try using bullet points or headlines from that flyer as tweets or blog post topics.

No matter what you decide to do with something that appears to be useless, you can always turn it into something great. Have you found something old and forgotten that you've turned into a masterpiece? Tell us all about it! We'd love to hear it. That's what our comment section is for!