How Do I Store My Trampoline Over Winter?

We have a surprising number of phone calls this year asking this exact question. Besides stating the obvious of just store it in your garage, there actually are a few more factors to consider. We’ll go through these various factors in this article, which in turn extends the lifespan of your trampoline.

1. Store Your Trampoline Using A Cover – This option has proven to be the most popular in recent years since cover prices crashed. A good quality trampoline cover will protect your trampoline from the worst of the frost during the peak of winter and keep the water out of the pads. Things to look out for are make sure the cover has a drainage hole to ensure no water pools in the middle of the bed, the weight of the water can cause extensive damage. Make sure the cover has decent ties to attach to the trampoline frame and preferably spend a little extra and get a PVC trampoline cover instead of EPE. This means that the trampoline is kept dry no all times which is when the most damage happens.

2. Store Your Trampoline In The Garage – This is the most effective way of extending the life of your trampoline. When storing your trampoline though ensure that you put the bed somewhere out of reach of rodents. The material is ideal for the rodents to use as nest padding and so is usually a target when in storage. The other tip is keep track of all the parts while dismantling the trampoline as this can be quite a pain to attain spare parts the next year. The trampoline pads are susceptible to moisture and so ideally they would need to be sealed in waterproof packaging during the period of storage.

3. Leave The Trampoline Frame Outside – Another option would be to leave the trampoline frame up outside and take the trampoline pads off along with the trampoline bed. This means that the materials that are damaged by the weather are stored and the frame is safe outside. Once again store the trampoline pads and trampoline bed in a dry, cool place away from any rodent access.