How Do You Choose Between a 14′ Trampoline Versus a 15′ Trampoline?

Trampolines can bring hours of fun and exercise for your family. Many trampolines are on the market today and can range in price from $200 and up. Sizes also range from a small personal two foot wide trampoline to larger sizes big enough for a small group to jump on. When deciding between a 14′ and 15′ trampoline, you should take several things into consideration.

1. The size of the space you have available is an important factor. While there is only a foot difference between the fourteen and fifteen feet trampolines, you need to take into account space around the trampoline to move around it and be able to enter and exit safely. If you have younger ones in your family that cannot get on the trampoline by themselves, you will also need space to place a small footstool or step for easy access. Ladders are also available to attach to the side of the trampoline, but space to access the ladder is still needed. A foot and a half, or eighteen inches, all the way around the trampoline is also needed so that when a jumper lands against the enclosure, enough room will be available for the jumper to fall against it without being hurt.

2. Safety. When you are looking for a 14′ or 15′ trampoline, you must also look at the safety accessories available for them. Pick a trampoline that you can easily find and purchase a safety enclosure and spring covers that will fit. A safety enclosure is necessary to protect the jumper from falling off. A spring cover not only keeps jumpers from falling through the springs, but also protects the springs from weather conditions that can cause them to deteriorate faster. An anchor kit is also a good investment, especially if you live in an area prone to high winds. The anchor will secure the trampoline in the ground so that is not lifted away during windy weather.

3. Look at the quality of the trampoline. The joints should be smooth and not have any rough edges or sharp points. Springs should be tight and, at first, have very little give. They will eventually stretch out as they are used. The larger trampoline, 15′, may have more springs than the 14′. If you have young ones who are not heavy, more springs will also keep the trampoline from being too bouncy or loose.

4. Check the weight limits of both the 14′ and 15′ trampolines. Take into account your family members and what weight limits they may fall into when choosing the appropriate size trampoline. The size of the trampoline does not always factor into weight limits.

5. Price can vary according to size. It is not always the bigger trampoline that is the most expensive. The quality and manufacturer make a difference as well. When looking at the price and the budget that you want to work within, make sure to include the cost of the accessories that you will need as well.

Taking into consideration these various factors when choosing a trampoline will ensure that you pick the one that is best for your space, budget, and family.