How Does Independence Lead to Job Success? 4 Independent Behaviours and One Way to Nurture Them

Many of us struggle within ourselves to “go with the flow” or to embrace our own independence. We are worried that we may damage relationships, create isolation and seem detached. So if we feel this way than how does independence lead to job success?

How Does Independence Lead To Job Success?

1. Independent people have a more positive attitude. This is so important when trying to achieve success. Ask any successful person in business and they will tell you that it is 90% attitude and 10% other factors that will determine your outcome. Work on your thinking habits and always expect the best result.

2. Independent people are more disciplined. They show up on time, they do their job and do it to satisfaction and they have the ability to prioritize their life. This discipline leaks into other areas of their life; their emotional and physical wellbeing, the wellbeing of their children and their spiritual wellbeing.

3. Independent people can deal better with rejection. They realize that rejection is not a reflection on them as a person and they do not let it affect their emotional health. When they are turned down for that raise or promotion, they have the ability to shake it off and try again.

4. Most importantly, independent people have goals and know that you can not accomplish much in life without goals. This is one of the best answers for “how does independence lead to job success?” Set goals, goals and more goals! Then you must make a plan on how to achieve those goals. Use your discipline and stick to it!

So take that independence of yours and embrace it!

How Can I Take Control Of My Employment?

Many people who can achieve this level of independence still wonder why they feel like they are not in control of their employment. How does independence lead to job success if you still feel “owned”? This is because many people who are independent are still entirely dependent on their jobs for financial security and therefore have no financial independence. So how do you remedy this? Use your personal independence to create your own financial security! I am not talking about earning millions; I am talking about ending the dependence you have on your job for your financial safety!

Small business ownership is the easy solution to creating your own financial independence. You are independent in every other aspect of your life, so why not your finances too? You do not need to quite your job, what you need to do is have a back up plan. When you can create success with a small home business, you become less fearful of job loss. You will not feel the pressure to fight for promotions and raises. You will not feel the stress of financial hardships. Your efficiency and performance will improve directly with your outlook on life.

If you came here wondering “how does independence lead to job success” I hope you have realized that your independence should be celebrated and most importantly, it should be nurtured. Don’t become a slave to someone else. Create more time for yourself and your family. Use that independence to create an avenue of freedom through your own success. Many people are surprised when that small home business they started to “supplement” their income becomes so successful that they no longer need that day job. It really does happen, believe me.