How Easy It Is To Replace Plastic Bags

Shopping is everyone’s nightmare when it comes to packing up the goods and getting them home. But there are simpler ways of doing it for the discerning. Supermarket trolleys are renowned for carrying germs and tests have shown even faecal material can be deposited on the handle as well as E.coli and other germs. The best thing is to be independent of these things and its easy to do.

The first thing is to have your own trolley or carrying bag on wheels. Goods can be deposited straight into it without the need of bags to hump them around. They are also able to be cleaned by you and if you are worried about germs in the supermarket then carry some gloves in the pocket of it so hands are always clean.

The next thing is to make your own smaller bags using a cotton material that is easily obtained. The design is simply squares sewn together on three sides and made to different lengths and widths. Things like celery, for instance, required a longer bag while a bunch of bananas or broccoli need wider ones.

Managing the shopping is also important. Put heavy things like tinned goods on the bottom and fruit, and so forth, on the top. Vegetables can be safely carried in the middle but bread and such should be put in last so as not to squash it.

If everyone followed these simply guidelines the number of plastic bags could be greatly reduced. The environment is suffering because of the billions of such containers used on a daily basis. Research shows they can be in the environment for the next 1000 or more years as they will never break down.

Nothing in nature can deal with plastic and until there is a public outcry the situation will remain the same. We are drowning in it now and animals, birds, and sea life are consuming it as food and feeding it to their young. With the decline in species now it is a matter of a few short years before plastic kills off everything.