How Easy Wireless Dog Fencing Zaps Plain Old Electric Fence

If you are looking for a safe and very effective way to train your dog to stay in your own yard, consider the wireless fence. With this system, you can avoid the unattractive appearance of some fenced yards and let your pet enjoy the scenery. This new technique is the simplest form of pet training available. The system consists of a transmitter box and receiver collars which work together to help your dog understand the limits and boundaries of his territory. You are able to program the wireless fence to keep your dog away from the road, other yards, and your gardens.

Before you begin the training process, it’s best to familiarize your dog with the area in which you will restrict them. The best way to do this is by marking the boundary areas with brightly colored flags. This will help your dog visually note the area. The use of voice commands will also be very useful as cues when teaching your dog about the area limitations.

After several days, you should have given your dog a good idea of the area in which he is free to roam. During this training time, you can use the collar just to let your dog get used to the feel of it. Once the first part of the training is completed, you will connect the transmitter that accompanies the system. This transmitter will broadcast a frequency signal around the yard. The collar is set to pick up this signal should your dog stray into the frequency field.

If the dog is entering the area that has the frequency signal running through it, then the collar will transmit a warning tone. This warning will increase in intensity until it is able to force the retreat of your pet from the out of bounds territory. This is a warning only and will not harm him. It is a way to deliver negative reinforcement as a training method. The dog will quickly realize when and why the tone and static shock is happening and will identify the colored flags, the tone, the static shock, and the training as being the same thing. It will not be long before he stays well inside his allotted area. This will not dampen his enthusiasm or playfulness but it will keep him in his own yard without chains, leashes, and unsightly fences.

This method of training will work for multiple dogs on the same property as long as they are wearing one of the wireless fence collars. These collars will all be capable of picking up the transmitted signal frequency from the transmitter. The equipment for these wireless fences is easy to install. There are no holes to dig. There is no fencing to measure and there are absolutely no wires involved. Wireless fences are maintenance free. You need only replace the transmitter box or receiver collar when necessary.

There are several brands of wireless fences and collars that are on the market today. You can control your pet safely and humanely using one of these systems. One of the best features is that once many dogs are trained to understand their territory boundaries, you can use the collar without any batteries. The dogs will continue to stay in their yard because they know where the wireless fence is.