How Going Green Can Reduce Global Warming

There are many ways going green can reduce global warming. The first starting point is with using renewable energy sources. You can choose a variety of different systems today, and the competition is so fierce that prices for kits and materials are as low as ever. You can find photovoltaic cells extremely inexpensively, and if you buy in bulk the savings is even more substantial. You can purchase all the framework materials at many of your local hardware and home improvement outlets. You also have many choices, such as solar power, wind turbines, geothermal, hydroelectric, and even magnetic generators. The nice thing is that these can be used as independent systems, or can be combined for even more power output.

On a personal level, using renewable energy in your own home can reduce global warming. For one, these sources don’t use any fossil fuels, so they don’t produce any of the toxins that coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants produce and release in the atmosphere. Because these systems don’t use fossil fuels, they are completely renewable, and don’t take away precious natural resources. There is no need to worry about where the energy comes from, or the methods used to extract them, like you do with coal.

It’s also not just about using alternative energy power systems in your home. There are many other ways you can cut down on global warming at home. Recycling is probably one of the other biggest ways you can reduce your carbon impact on the Planet. Recycling aluminum, glass and plastic make it easier to reproduce more, and it can save half of the energy needed to make these from scratch. Recycling paper reduces the amount of trees being cut down for paper products, and allows them to do their job, removing harmful carbon dioxide from the air, and producing oxygen.

Going green also means conservation in the home as well. Even if you are not using renewable energy resources, there are many ways you can conserve energy and valuable resources. Changing to more fuel efficient appliances for one thing can help cut down on wasted energy. Using Energy Star appliances instead, switching over to inline water heaters, and waiting until evening to use your dishwasher, or clothes washer can save you money and energy. Cutting down on water usage, like switching over to low flow faucets and toilets, and fixing faucets that are dripping will help save water.

Cutting down on vehicle use can significantly decrease global warming as well. Using a bike, taking public transportation, and just walking reduces carbon emissions that all vehicles emit. Switching to hybrid vehicles also makes a big positive impact, and prices of these vehicles have come down significantly over the last few years, making them more affordable.

There are many other ways that going green can significantly reduce global warming. There are an abundance of websites available to show you what things you can do to help the environment. There are DIY solar, wind and magnetic energy power system kits to choose from as well. We all need to do our part, before we come to a point where there simply is no turning back.

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