How Important Are Fireproof File Cabinets To Your Home And Business?

If it has ever occurred to you the serious financial repercussions when a fire breaks out of your home, then you would have started thinking about buying fireproof file cabinets to protect your home and business. Indeed, the devastating effects of a ravaging fire or flood water damages could possibly cripple your business operations or destroy the very home you live in.

Imagine losing the signed partnership with your business partners, the deed to your home or your latest client contact list in a fire. Certain documents are beyond replacement, especially those which are grown organically with relationship building efforts. Often enough, the intrinsic value of such documents extends much further than its extrinsic value. And the loss of which would result in temporary long term loss of revenue. Here, fireproof file cabinets serve the exact purpose of document protection, giving you peace of mind.

There are a few varieties of versions, the vertical, lateral and side / tab end / tab designs. The first two types come in two to four drawers high and provide a wide variety of colors for choice. The verticals are the most popular as they are commonly used for filing legal and letter sized documents. While the laterals allow more odd size documents to be filed, and are most suited for architectural drafts and blueprints. The side / tab end / tab designs on the other hand are suited most for filing of records and many medical institutions and facilities use them.

Most come with UL ratings, the industry standard measurement of authenticity. 350 degree for 1 hour means that the fireproof file cabinet can withstand a temperature of 350 degree Fahrenheit for the duration of 1 hour. The temperature and duration can change, and the higher they rise, the more fire resistant they are, over a longer period of time.

While fireproof filing cabinets may cost more than your usual ones, they are the absolute insurance to protect your business. After all, these can be estimated off as business expenditure.