How Long Can Parasites Live in Humans?

Those of you wondering just how long can parasites live in humans may be astounded by this. Parasites can actually live in us for up to 25 years. The tapeworm is the single most notorious parasite for such a long life inside its human host. During its lifetime, it can grow to 10 meters long. Flukes are other parasites that can comfortably inhabit the human body for periods of 10 to 20 years.

During this time, flukes not only increase in numbers, but also move from the abdominal cavity to other organs. Such include lungs, the liver, kidneys and lungs. Flukes are known to grown up to 3.5 inches long. Unlike tapeworms which one can easily get rid off through proper medication once detected, flukes are extremely difficult to treat and can be life threatening if present in the body in large quantities.

Ascaris are a type of parasitic roundworm that enters the human body in the egg stage. They hatch in the human body and mature adults make a home in the small intestines. While here, they produce eggs, which leave the human body through fecal matter. If basic hygiene is not observed, the eggs may soon find their way back to the human mouth and back to the small intestines and the vicious cycle of worms continues.

How long can parasites live in humans? Although this might look like a livid question, its astounding to know that even hookworms, which enter through the skin can generally live within their human hosts for up to 15 years. On average however, necator hookworms, live for a maximum five years in humans, with most dying within the first two years of infection. Ancylostma hookworms on the other hand live for a maximum of six months, which usually marks the end of their life cycle.

Unfortunately, even hookworms that die within a short time of being in the human body leave a trail of eggs or larvae, which continue dominating the human body. It takes a maximum of seven weeks for eggs to hatch, mature, mate inside the human body and lay eggs. Females are estimated to lay an average of 30,000 eggs daily. Simply put, one may never know the end of parasitic infections if they do receive the necessary medical treatment.

Many people wonder how long can parasites live in humans without being detected. Well, doctors state that the human immunity is often impervious to the presence of parasites such as tapeworms. This renders them extremely difficult to detect hence explaining their long stay in the human body. Others like hook worms can only be detected in the egg stage through a stool culture.