How Long Do Silk Plants Last?

What would you do, if you had a special occasion which required you to have special flowers, yet the season of such flowers is not near, or they are too expensive? This may seem like a very difficult question that may not have an answer, but the truth is that there is an easy way out. The easiest and only thing to do would be to look for quality silk plants.

So the question is, just how long can silk plants last? Well, they can last for as long as you take good care of them. These are not plants that will dry up because you forgot to water them in the morning, or because it isn’t the flowering season. Despite the fact silk flowers can last for many years, you can try to take good care of them so that you prolong their lifespan. Just like you would spend time trimming and collecting dead leaves from live plants, so should you have time to care of your silk plants? You may want to place them in open, where they are visible to your guests and visitors, but likewise, never place them in direct sunlight or rainfall for long. If you have to, then ensure that you keep on moving them regularly from one place to the other, because the sun’s rays will fade and bleach them if left exposed for long. Rainfall will make them fade too and may make them rot in some parts if they get soggy for long durations.

Silk plants may be made to last longer by dusting and cleaning them regularly. Dusting can be done with a material that will hold the dirt, rather than spreading it all over. Alternatively, one can use a damp cloth to wipe them gently and restore their brand new look. Other people use a hair dryer, with not so high temperatures to blow off the dust from them. Whichever way you use, just make sure you find out from the seller some of the best cleaning methods for silk flowers, so that they serve you for longer period.