How Long Do the Bowflex Bows Typically Last?

You will have to look hard to find anyone who has a complaint about the craftsmanship of the Bowflex line of equipment. That is not to say that no one has ever had a problem just that they are few and far between.

The only issue it seems the Bowflex machines have had was back in 04 when there was some question about the bench and the lat tower. Seems both were prone to breaking or coming lose and falling, leaving users at risk for injury. Nautilus was quick to offer free upgrades for all units on the street and a recall of over 400,000 units. They quickly backed this up by doubling all existing warranties as well as the warranty on the new models. They did this to reassure the consumer of their commitment to excellence.

After extensive research on the subject, it appears that except for a few rare instances the Bowflex bows or power rods almost never break. They are made of a special composite material that Bowflex is so confident in they have offered free lifetime replacement warranty for broken or bent bows.

People who have had the rare issue of bow breakage all report that customer service was a breeze to work with and all warranties were upheld 100%. New rods were shipped immediately no questions asked.

When it comes to the safety and durability of their equipment, the makers of Bowflex do not mess around. Solid construction that is backed by a no nonsense warranty is hard to find these days, however Nautilus has nailed it with the Bow Flex line of equipment.