How Long Does It Take to Cook Pizza in a Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

Woodfired pizza has a very distinct taste. Using a wood fired pizza oven tends to achieve an all over bake, often quicker than it happens in a traditional oven. Typically, the ideal temperature to get your pizza oven up to for even cooking is 450 degrees Celsius. This temperature can be achieved pretty quickly depending on what type of oven and how much wood you’re using. A stainless steel pizza oven will take around 45 minutes to reach 450 degrees. A clay or brick oven will take around 3 hours or so. Either way, the flavour wood fired cooking adds to your food will be well worth it.

Whether you make homemade dough or purchase store bought dough, the decision is solely up to you depending on how much time you have. If you choose to make a more traditional Italian pizza, there tends to be less toppings used as the distinct flavor comes primarily from the homemade dough and farm fresh ingredients. If time isn’t a luxury, there are plenty of quick dough recipes you can make, rather than a sour dough which takes a good couple of hours over several days. You may also consider making a larger quantity of dough and freezing some of it for next time you cook in your pizza stove.

For those who enjoy piling many different toppings on their pizzas, the main rule of thumb is the less toppings a pizza has, the shorter duration that it needs to bake. The last thing you want is for the base to be cooked and your toppings cold so keep this in mind. Remember that cooking pizza in a stainless steel pizza oven only takes a few minutes to cook, so be sure to stay close by, have a large pizza peel on hand and keep an eye on the cooking progress.

Some of you may not be as familiar with cooking other items in your wood fired pizza oven, but you really are only limited by your imagination. Because all food cooks so quickly in your wood fired pizza oven, it is great for cooking for large gatherings or get togethers. Wood fired pizza ovens are often large and have a vast interior. You can expand on your meal offerings by making homemade bread, pasta casserole dishes, desserts, the choices go on and on. Homemade bread takes on a subtle crunch and texture that cooking in the wood fired oven produces.