How Much Does Dry Ice Blasting Cost?

There are some things better left to the ‘professionals,’ am I right?

  • Brain Surgery
  • Bomb Squad
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighting
  • Assaulting the Bin Laden Compound…

You get the picture…

When you call in the ‘Pro’s’ things just tend to get ‘taken care of’ in a way that you and I just couldn’t ever seem to pull together.

Sure things get done; and they get done properly, safely and with the utmost care…

But What’s This Gonna Cost Me?

The costs of contract cleaning is sometimes hard to predict. But any true professional should be able to give you an honest and reliable estimate.

A Professional Estimate should include the following basic, minimum specifications:

  1. What does the proposal cover (i.e. what will be cleaned, specifically)?
  2. How is the work going to be completed (how many crew members, crews, how much equipment on site, who will be the responsible supervisor/contact person/contractor representative on site)?
  3. Unit pricing (how much am I paying per day, per section, per unit, per room, per square foot etc… )
  4. How much is the total job going to cost and what exactly am I getting for that dollar amount?
  5. What safety procedures are going to be followed and who is responsible for jobsite compliance?
  6. What is the time-line for completing the project?

Aside from price, items #2 and #6 on this list may possibly be the most important items for us to consider. Because, believe it or not -dry ice blasting is not that much different from other contracted services in that it is driven by hourly costs and considerations.

Of course, we are concerned with price and of course we are concerned with safety…

But if we’ve done our homework and chosen a competent, well-regarded and recommended professional contractor… those items are ‘in the bag’ and by the end of this article you’ll know exactly what to expect for those services.

What we really ought to be concerned with now is…

How is this job going to progress? What does it ‘look like’?

  • What’s the ‘Time-Line’ for completion?
  • Who we can rely on to pull the whole thing together?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the schedule?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the budget?

Which of course brings us back to the question:

How Much Does Dry Ice Blasting Cost?

Here is a ‘possible breakdown’ of professional blast cleaning costs in the Detroit, MI. Cleveland, OH. & Toledo, OH. market:

Dry Ice Blasting Team – $314.60 per hour

Includes all tools, equipment and consumable materials; a qualified staff trained in all dry ice blasting applications using all applicable OSHA safety precautions, personal protection equipment and procedures:

  • Supervisor $28.75/hr
  • Technician $25.75/hr
  • Labor (ea) $18.75/hr
  • Aero40-HP $30.00/hr
  • After-cooler $15.00/hr
  • 375 CFM/150PSI (min) Air Compressor $28.25/hr
  • Consumables $95.50/hr
  • Overhead @ 7% $36.30/hr
  • Profit @ 7% $36.30/hr

TOTAL Hourly Rate: $314.60/hr

*These cost estimates are based on prevailing wages, typical conditions and typical cleaning requirements. All projects are unique and require individual assessment and estimates.

Please contact us for a customized solution to your cleaning and dry ice blasting needs.