How Much Weight is Too Much For A Safe Chair Stair Lift Experience

The chair stair lift has become a pretty popular mechanism to have in houses because the elderly or disabled population is growing steadily. Aged individuals, and people who have weak ankles or bad knees increasingly find it very difficult to go up and down stairs. Thankfully many have found the stair chair lift a refreshing alternative. Especially if you compare that to hiring someone to help assist them with ascending or descending stairs, or any other access that enables them to move from one level of the house to another.

If you’re like most people, one of the major concerns for traveling via chair lift; is, what is the amount of weight that is safe for daily commuting from floor to floor. The chair lift is great as long as it’s safe and as important, as long as you feel safe using it. So in this article we will cover a few pointers, that will help to put your heart at ease. So you will at lease feel completely safe and comfortable as you travel from floor to floor using your chair stair lift.

First lets talk about the installation of the chair lifts. The lifts are installed onto the banister of the stairs. (either straight or curved) As you can imagine the straight banisters are the easiest to install your chair lift to. Without doubt the curved banisters can be a little bit of a challenge but none the less easily installed safely. This may seem really simplistic but the only modifications needed to ensure that the lift can hold the maximum allowed weight of a chair lift’s capacity is a reinforcements procedure. As a further safety measure there is a foot rest where one can put their feet on while sitting, so that the weight is evenly distributed which keeps you balanced while riding the chair stair lift.

As an added safety issue, depending on your size, the chair installed on the stair lift can have a smaller or larger seat. As a whole, the stair lift can carry weights up to 300 pounds. The heavy duty versions or a customized lift can carry more weight; up to 375 pounds. The surveyor or the installer of your stair lift will be able to tell you if you need a heavy duty chair lift or not