How Much Will LED Lighting Save in the Future?

It is widely known that LED light for the amount of illumination works at a much lower power setting than normal incandescent light bulbs, or neon lights. This is of supreme value if we are seriously concerned about preserving energy, and maintaining a smaller carbon footprint by using the latest technology. That's all right right? Sure it is, and it makes sense even if you are not an environmentalist, after all efficiency is paramount, that's always been my contention.

Recently, there was a very interesting article in Electronics Techzone News (Magazine) titled; "LED Adoption Could Save 120 Billion in the Next 20 Years," by Armando Roggio. In the article it quoted the Department of Energy or DOE as coming up with this figure. Now then, I hope you will go read this article so you can understand what we are talking about here, and come back to my article, because I've had a few things to say and some critiques to add .

Indeed, I have a problem with all this because LED efficiency has been missed-appropriately reported upon. LED lights actually probably use about twice as much energy per illumination as the manufacturers and scientific researchers had once proclaimed. Now, do not get me wrong they are still twice to two-thirds better than incandescent light bulbs, but that point needs to be made, and considered.

Further, I worry about the DOE making such claims about the actual energy costs overall, because I see the current Obama administration and other environmentalists, along with the EPA significantly raising prices of electrical energy due to the many mandates that have been put forth. The over regulation of coal, and the push to subsidizing alternative energy will raise the cost of electricity in the United States by two-thirds over the next decade.

Therefore, even though LED light adoption will reduce the amount of energy used, in the future the energy will cost so much more that no one will ever see that savings. Indeed, I am not one to roll over and promote alternative energy to the point of absurdity. The reality is we are building the next economic bubble, and what we are doing is not healthy to our economy. And so, one has to ask why we are following the global warming alarmists from the European Union into the economic abyss of a future bubble burst.

It is my contention that many folks in the United States have also figured out that they can make trillions of dollars trading air, in the form of energy credits much like Enron did which as you will recall caused their corporate collapse, and dug a hole in our own economy. Indeed I hope you will look at this from a philosophical level, rather than a global warming religious one. Think on this.

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