How Much Will Sealcoating Cost You?

If you have an asphalt based driveway, or maybe you’re a business that has a parking lot.   You may find that sooner or later your driveway is going to start cracking, or just simply look bad.  If you don’t maintain it on a yearly basis, you will find that it’s going to deteriorate rather quickly.

What should I expect with seal coating pricing?

Every contractor is going to be different when it comes to giving you a quote.  This is why it’s important that you talk with at least 3-5 companies when considering a deal.  Never ever go with the first company that you come across, as this can be a relatively bad idea.

When you want to get an exact price, most legit sealcoating companies will come to your house and conduct a free estimate.  This is a great way to get an exact price.  You will find that they will basically measure the length and width of your driveway.  Every company is going to have it’s own formula.  Some companies may charge you by the size of the driveway, while others may charge you based on the labor charges.

What am I going to get?

With a great sealcoating job, they are going to basically resurface your driveway / parking lot.  They will repaint any parking lines and make your lot look like it’s brand new.  Keep in mind that if you have any cracks, they may just fill it with crack filler, rather than replace it.  If you want to have a nice, smooth surface, you will find that you will want to replace it entirely.

You’re going to be able to choose from a few different options as well.  You will find that you can get it sprayed on, which will be cheaper.  If you wish, you can also get it brushed on, which will look better, but will cost you a little more.  This will vary again depending on the contractor.

Every contractor will be different.  Be sure to get a few quotes to know the exact price that you’re going to pay, because it will vary on city by city.