How Patient Are You?

Jane is freshman at college taking five classes. She finds that her keyboarding class hard and challenging. Four weeks in the semester, she decided to withdraw from her keyboarding class as she is beginning to realize that she is not learning fast enough. She talked with her professor about the fact that she is not learning fast and quickly. Jane's teacher started to make her see that with practice and patience, she will learn keyboarding and will be fine, but she did not listen to her teacher's advice. Since Jane lost her patience, she withdrew from the keyboarding class.

Let me ask you, are you similar to Jane? Do you give up on your goals because you lose patience? How many people you know who went to college and did not graduate because they had no patience to study challenging subjects and materials? Ask yourself, are you a patient person? If not, why?

Some people open businesses, but give up too fast because they have no patience. Some start learning instruments such as piano, guitar, violin among other instruments, but because of their lack of patience, they stop and give up.

If you have a specific goal that you want to achieve, then you need to be a patient and know that everything takes time. There was a man with his son standing in a long row in front of an elevator. The child asked his father, "How can we reach our destination quickly?" The father explained to his son that they have two choices, either wait in line, so they use the elevator or use the stairs and step by step, they will get to their destination. The father also explained to his son that by using "step by step" process and by having enough patience, they can achieve everything they want.

How to develop patience

You can learn to be patient by following the steps below:

1. Write down one of the challenges that you have.

2. Make a conscious decision to start taking one step at the time to get what you want.

3. Whenever you feel you want to give up, remind yourself of the power of patience and what you can achieve in the long run if you stay patient.

4. Take a deep breath and relax.