How Pilates Exercise Enhances Your Immune System

We’ve always known that exercise is good for us, but generally, we think in terms of exercise being good for us by keeping our muscles in good shape and keeping our weight down. But, did you know that Pilates exercise can also boost the immune system, and help keep you from getting sick? It absolutely can. Pilates works with our immune system in a variety of ways that help us resist illnesses.

When the muscles are stretched, circulation improves. This, combined with the deep breathing associated with Pilates exercise, brings more oxygen to our muscles, creating healthier cells throughout our bodies. This is one way that our immune systems are boosted through Pilates.

Pilates is great for calming our nervous systems and relieving stress. Stress and anxiety work to tear the immune system down. By eliminating the stress and anxiety, Pilates is working to keep us healthy.

Our immune systems are also boosted and strengthened by our own minds. The mind is incredibly powerful. You’ve probably heard the statement “If you think it, you can become it.” This is absolutely true. Most people experience an overall feeling of well-being when they do Pilates exercises on a regular basis. This feeling of well-being makes us feel well, and our health is automatically boosted by this feeling.

Another way that the system is boosted through Pilates is that when we do Pilates exercises, our brains produce more chemicals that are vital to our well-being, such as serotonin and endorphins. This not only adds to our feeling of well-being, but it actually boosts the immune system, by ensuring that our brains are functioning properly, releasing the right amounts of chemicals that it is supposed to release.

So, the next time you finish your Pilates exercise workout, you can walk away knowing that you not only made your muscles stronger, and balanced your mind and your body, but you’ve also boosted your immune system, which will work to keep you healthy as well!