How Power Yoga Benefits You

Doing power yoga after you wake up in the morning, gives you energy for the whole day. If you pair it up with short, nightly routines, it would be relaxing for you. A few asana can help you to sleep and also, make you feel energized in the mornings. Because yoga starts with breathing, it helps you to learn proper breathing. Proper breathing helps you maintain your rhythm and also keep good habits. Your breathing exercise during the asana will keep you energized and aware throughout the day. Practicing yoga with others makes you honest as well as makes you comfortable in being a team. The target of power yoga is strength, weight loss, flexibility, and many others. It also helps during pregnancies, training sportsmen and others. Power yoga also helps you become patient because of the breathing exercises in it. It helps you calm you nerves and soothes your entire being. Some of the power yoga are mentioned below.

1. Extended Side Angle Pose – Also called Utthitha Parsvakonasana, it can greatly help those of you who want to shed the kilos from your sides. Stand straight upon the floor. Turn the right leg making a 90-degree angle; keep the left leg as it was then, make your body lower a little. Place the right hand over the right thigh and lift the left hand high up. Then, stretch it on your right side, atop your head. Look on your right side. Repeat this activity on your left side too. Hold it for one minute then, relax.

2. Eagle Pose – Another good pose for weight loss, it is best for those of you wanting thinner legs, arms, hands and thighs. Stand up straight on the ground, with your hands on the side of your body. Lift up the left leg and bend it at the knee. Next, drape it around your right leg. Lift up your hands, bringing them over your chest and then, wrap your left hand over the right hand. Look straight for several minutes and relax.

3. Pigeon Pose – Better known as Mayurasana, it is good for shedding the extra fats in abdomen region. At first, kneel over the floor then, squat over your heels. Keep the hands up on the floor, with the fingers facing your body, palms against the floor and thumbs pointing outwards. Place your elbows such that they remain pressed by your belly. From behind, make your legs straight and then, stretch them. Lift up your body so that, it is balanced on your legs and hands. Your legs and body should remain parallel with the floor. After holding it for three to five breaths, relax.

4. Cow-face Pose – Another name of this asana is Gomukhasana. It tones the muscles of your and makes you lose fats. Thus, it is a healthy exercise. Do it by sitting over the floor and spreading your legs out in front, fully stretching them. Bend your knees and then, keep your feet upon the floor. Position the left foot below the right knee so that, it remains outside your right hip. Keep the right leg over the left leg. Now, bend both hands backwards from your elbow and stretch it upwards. Make sure to place your left hand’s palm behind you, over your back, exactly under the neck. Now hold it for some breaths and relax.

5. Seated Forward Bend – Called Paschimottanasana, it is one of the best options to lose weight especially those of you who want to do away with belly fat. You need to squat upon the floor maintaining a straight posture then, spread your legs out on your front. Next, exhale and then, bend your torso towards the front till your hands are reaching your toes. Try to touch your toes by your hands. Keep your forehead over the opposite side of the calf or, over your knees. Be steady for a minute then, relax.

Power yoga burns your calories, increases your stamina, flexibility, tone and strength. It promotes circulation of blood as well as boosts your immune system. Apart from this, it helps to alleviate tension and stress and also to eliminate toxins from your body through sweat.