How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Modern technology plays a part to see that you are perfectly safe with an implant. A good implant can last for up to 15 years if it is maintained properly. if you have a bridge over natural teeth they normally last for around 8 years. In fact if you take car e of your teeth properly and maintain proper oral hygiene these implants might even last longer. It is recommended though that you see your dentist regularly and get the implant checked up at regular intervals.

Can I clean the implant? Is it difficult?

Cleaning the teeth around the implant is as similar to cleaning regular teeth. The same level of care is necessary as you would your natural teeth

Quick treatment

In fact the treatment associated with a dental implant is not long at all. The procedure can be completed in 2 or 3 visits to the dentist and rarely four visits. In fact in this the first visit is to determine whether you are suitable to have an implant. A CT scan is normally taken to check if you are suitable enough to have a dental implant. Very often the implant procedure is done in the first visit itself. You might need to go again a second or third time only if there are some other procedures which need to be taken care off. If so, after that, the implant can be placed and it normally takes around 2 hours.

Material used

Implants are placed in the jawbone so that they integrate with the tissues and if placed well they form a perfect base to fix crowns, fixed dentures and bridges. In fact, Titanium or titanium alloys which are used to manufacture implants are considered as the best material which does not get rejected by the body’s immune system. This testifies to the fact about safe dental implants are in this present age.