How Shipping Container Modifications Work

The shipping containers, which are no longer used for their main purpose, never have to turn into waste. They can be modified to be used for another functional purpose. Find out more about the modifications, how they are made and what results they produce.

What determines the shipping container modifications which have to be made? These large boxes are modified in line with the new purpose which they will have. They can be used for many different things from storage facilities to holiday homes and from small shops to saunas. Typically, they are modified so that they have the functionality of a traditional building. Here we will focus on these modifications.

The Main Modifications

In order for a large box which is resistant to the elements to be used as a traditional building, it has to have doors and windows. Doors of various sizes and designed can be fitted into a shipping container. You can go for a traditional side opening door, sliding door or rollup door. It all depends on what the box will be used for. Secure locks are typically installed along with the doors.

There are no limits when it comes to the number, size and style of the windows either. A storage facility may require only a few small windows while a shop will require several large ones. In fact, a whole wall can be replaced by a set of windows.

Windows and doors may not be sufficient for providing ventilation, especially if the facility is used for storage or less often. In such cases, purposefully designed container ventilation systems can be installed. They prevent condensation inside without compromising the security of the facility. If the container is used for residential purposes or the items stored inside require a set temperature, an air conditioning system can be installed.

Shelves and fixed work stations can be installed inside as well. They are typically made from steel, but the owner can select other materials. The design and size are also individually determined.

Beauty modifications can be made as well. Both the exterior and interior can be painted in virtually any colour. If the facility will be used for commercial purposes, signs can be added as well.

The modified shipping containers should not be set up directly on the ground. It is best if they stay on a platform or on specially designed blocks. Other more specific modifications may be required before they become ready to use. Once they are fully ready they can be used just like any regular facility of the respective type.