How Skateboards Are Made – Custom Wooden Boards

Most skateboards are made of wood and there are certain woods that are preferred by skateboard manufacturers. One of the common types of woods used comes from maple trees. The wood is cut into very thin slices or veneers, which will be laminated together during the manufacturing process using glue very similar to how plywood is made.

The glue or adhesive is sandwiched between each thin-flat strip of wood and pressed together and allowed to dry. If the skateboards are to have kick-tails on them, the wood will be pressed into that particular shape with a bend in them. Next the skateboard will be cut out from the wood and holes drilled where the trucks will be mounted underneath.

Once this process is completed it is time to for the boards to be sanded and finished. Then various finishes will be applied and custom graphics. Then the coatings, graphics, silk screens will go through a drying process, generally in a big rack and for a specific time period. Last nose guards or other incidental extra features will be attached and then boxed and shipped to the retailer.

Many higher skill level skateboarders prefer wood boards to other types of skateboards. Of course generally a good wooden board will cost you quite a bit more. Composite boards offer riders some advantages too. Plastic Boards have an advantage due to their low cost and are favored for parents buying skateboards for children. What ever skateboard you buy, look for quality and look close, you can tell the difference.