How Smoke Damage the Brain

People who smoke think nothing about it, but smoking is not good for a number of reasons. If you are a smoker, then you need to know how smoking damages the brain.

Besides damaging the brain, smoking is very harmful to all parts of the body. One of the major problems with smoking has been known for many years, the fact that it can cause lung cancer. No one believes that it will happen to them but the truth is, it could, and who wants to chance it? Lung cancer is a terrible, and painful, disease.

There is some speculation now, that smoking causes damage to the brain, and if smoking and drinking are both a part of your lifestyle, smoking will enhance the brain damage done by alcohol. Cigarette smoking alone has shown to cause damage to the frontal portion of the brain, and to the neuron activity. The frontal portion is the part of the brain that helps you to make accurate judgments, and to judge the consequences of your actions.

Smoking does damage to brain cells which help you to, not only make judgments but to do some of the activities that you do every day. The part of the brain that is affected by smoking, is the part that controls your emotions, sleep patterns, and even sexual arousal. Nicotine has also been shown to be a cause of depression. Depression can cause a person to become lethargic, sleep a lot, and lose interest in the things that make for a pleasant life. Smoking will even take away the taste of food, causing a person not to eat well, and may, in turn, cause weight loss.

There are thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke, and none of these are good for your body. These chemicals will upset the body's functioning. Brain cells are very important to a normal, healthy life. When they are destroyed, they do not grow back as some body cells can. Therefore, when damaged, the brain can never return to its pre-damaged state. The longer a person smokes, the more damage is done to the body and the brain.

It is very important that a person think long and hard before starting to smoke, as the body's addiction to nicotine can take only a short time. And, regardless of what some people will tell you, you may not be able to quit once you have started. The dangers of cigarette smoking far outweigh the few pleasures you may think you are getting from the habit.

Many times when teens start to smoke cigarettes, they will sooner or later take a step further, and start on more dangerous drugs. These drugs will cause even greater brain damage and health problems. Smoking can take a person from a healthy, active individual to one who is wracked with pain and health problems. No one wants to experience such a condition.