How Soon Should You Have Your New Carpet Cleaned?

Let’s say you buy a new pair of jeans and start wearing them every day. How soon should you wash them for the first time? If you normally wash a particular pair of jeans once-a-week, should you wait one month before washing the first time? Of course not. So why do people wait two or three years or longer before getting their carpet cleaned for the first time, when normally they have their carpet cleaned every year or two? I’m glad you asked, because I know the answer!

Back in the 1960’s, professional carpet cleaners used high ph shampoo to clean with. When the carpet dried, the shampoo left a residue in the carpet that was like a magnet for dirt. So what happened? People noticed their carpet would get dirty after cleaning at a much faster rate than when it was new. They made the obvious and correct assumption that carpet got dirty faster after cleaning. Let’s move up to the 21st century now. There have been major improvements to chemicals and equipment, so that most competent cleaners now will leave very little if any residue in the carpet. The carpet does not soil at a faster rate than before the cleaning.

A second aspect of carpet is its ability to filter the air of dust/ well as pick up tracked in soil. If the carpet is not maintained on a regular basis including when the first cleaning happens, the ability of a professional to clean out all of the soil and particulates lessens. The carpet is like a wastebasket that fills up upside-down, from top to bottom. If it is completely “full”, it will be difficult for the cleaner to remove all of the soil. BUT, it will look clean. But since the “wastebasket” is still partially full, it will APPEAR to get dirty sooner.

These are two good reasons to NOT WAIT more than a year (or so, depending on the traffic) for that first cleaning. With regular and timely cleanings including the first one, your carpet can stay looking new for years to come. If you live in central Washington state, check out my websites listed in the Author Resource Box. Thanks!