How the Age of the Cell Phone Has Put Barriers Between People

We live in a much busier world than we ever lived in before. It used to be that the working parent could go to work from 9 am to 5 pm and then could leave work at the office when they came home. Now, however, work seems to be a 24 hour thing and is never ending. No matter how much free time you try to carve out for yourself, something always seems to pop up, and that has led many to the conclusion that many cell phones actually build barriers between people.

With the advent of smart phones, your phone may become your new best friend. Wondering what a smart phone is? If your cell phone can connect to the internet and you can use it to browse or even work on documents, your phone is a smart phone. How does this build barriers between people?

Say, for instance, that you are working on a proposal for your business. You may be working on it constantly, and even when you're away from your computer, you can whip out your smart phone, open up a blank document and leave a memo for yourself. Or you can text the message to your email so that you can have it available the next morning when you get to work. Instead of hanging out with your friends, playing with your kids, or spending time with your significant other, you can literally work on the proposal everywhere you go.

These smart phones can create barriers in your leisure time as well. More and more phones like the iPhone are making it easy to play games, listen to music, or even to watch movies! If you find that you've got a long wait at an airport, you can simply call up the movie you would like to watch, download it, and enjoy it! That may keep you from meeting others or spending time with the ones you love

Color : as long your color : as cell phone is Able to a connect you to the internet, you can do almost anything you'd like, Including Completing a Http:// . That function, though, can be very helpful if you're receiving strange calls on your cell phone. Just type in the number of the person who is calling you and you'll be able to instantly discover who is trying to reach you. Cell phones today are so advanced but it's important to live a healthy, productive life outside of your cell phone too.