How Thinking With Consequential Logic Creates A Better Life

Foresight is a tool we should all have in our war chests.

However, many of us disregard this critical thought

process. If I drink this much and drive my car, I just might

crash, killing myself or someone else. If I talk about my

boss behind his back to the wrong person, I could get fired

for some trivial reason.

Almost everyone knows the difference between right and

wrong, but do we all apply thinking with consequential

logic before committing our wrongs? Probably not. The

reasons are plenty, but simply put, many of us are too lazy

or careless.

If it is lazy, that can be more easily fixed than that of

careless. Lazy is just that, lazy. Working a little extra hard

by churning the brain with logic before minor or major

decisions creates a more seamless living environment for

not only yourself, but everyone around you.

Careless is more difficult to fix because the person is caring

less about something that requires someone to yield more

care. This is a fundamental disregard for the situation or an

inadequate comprehension of the dynamics of that

particular situation or decision.

Usually people other than yourself are involved, assuming

you have careless tendencies. Let me clarify with an

example: You are on a roof reshingling with a working

partner, but you are a level below him/her and this person

would like to get down to your level. They ask if you

could set the step ladder up so they can get down, so you

do. By not holding the ladder tightly as the person

descends, they fall and die.

This is a blatant example of disregarding someone else’s

safety by not caring enough. It could also be construed as

lazy; however, in this situation it is more likely that

carelessness trumps laziness big time.

In this hypothetical example, if this person thinks with

consequential logic, they would know that leaving the

ladder unsecured while this person is stepping down could

have deadly consequences.

This mindset should be on automatic pilot all the time.

However, many people think their logic is fine when they

pass another car when climbing a hill. Their thinking is it

shouldn’t matter because it’s a new V6. This is skewed

thinking because logically you should, under any

circumstances, never attempt this maneuver. However,

putting too much hope and faith into something and

thinking that everything will be just fine is always asking for


When thinking under a more controlled mindset, logic will

prevail and instead of always wearing the rosy glasses

hoping everything will turn out fine, you will have

assurance knowing certain variables need to add up before

a decision is made.

If this mindset is not taken seriously, problems, trouble, and

dysfunction in relationships and employment will more than

likely always follow.

Taking the extra time to pause and let the brain logically

process any given scenario without obscuring its reality, can

only benefit any perspective person. Life will consistently

throw curve balls at you, but using consequential logic

when critical thinking or not, makes for a better life.