How to Actually Get a Free Laptop or Plasma TV

I had tried several of these sites in the past. Every time I would see the message you are almost done just one more offer to go. I'd fill out an offer and then again I'd see this message. Usually after 30 to 45 minutes I'd just give up. I thought this was some sort of gimmick to get you to sign up for different things. After speaking with several of the site owners, the ones that have the pages with all the offers, I found out that whether I get all the way to the end or not the site owner still collects from the company that has the offer.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a friend that had a mention about learning how to actually get the rewards like the free laptop or Plasma TV. I was skeptical but I said why not, if it costs too much then I'll simply go on to something else. The site, the sales page, said all I needed to do to get the manual they created was complete one offer that would only cost me maybe $ 2 so I said what the hey. I filled out an offer that cost me a dollar and then I was taken to their online course on how to actually make money from these sites and get the prize awards.

I spent that entire weekend going through their online course and every once in awhile I would go to a site they would mention and try what I learned, I was extremely impressed. This stuff was actually working just like they said it would. I learned that there are these trade boards out there where people buy and sell what are called 'Green' which are completed offers. Usually one of these offer sites will tell you that you need to complete 1 offer plus give them lets say 10 referrals. On these trade boards you can pay for referrals who then have to go to these boards using you referral link and complete an offer.

I thought that after I completed this course that I would then put together a video which I could then resell at maybe $ 47 but after giving it some more thought I thought it would be easier just to refer people to this site. I will not be making like $ 47 but how many people have to visit a sales page before someone actually buys? I've heard of marketers who may out of 1000 people referred to their sales page that they may make like only 10 sales. A total of maybe $ 470 gross. I'd rather just refer you to the site and let you in on the same offer that I received.

I actually put this knowledge to use the next week and earned about $ 100. Not bad for work that only took up a couple of hours of my time. Now if somebody decides to do this then I recommend that they get this free software called greencheck which will let them know when one of the offers you are working on goes green. Some sites you may have to complete 3 offers to get one credit and one credit equivalents one green. Some sites credit instantly and some take several days but you must learn how to keep following up on these offers because you only get paid when an offer goes green.

Also, this is not something where everyone in your household could do this because one of the rules that these offer sites have is that only one person per household can do an offer. Now you may think that you can have everyone in your household doing these if you keep track of the offers that each one does. This does not work either because you internet connection has one IP address even though each computer in the house has a different one. These sites, the ones with all the offers on them. If they see more than one person from the household having the same IP address as another they will then suspend your account permanently and typically this happens after you have completed several offers which in the end means you just spent money that will not be recovered because they then will take back your greens.

After you get good at this you can then pay others to do the greens for you and in the end you will get the free laptops, TV's, or XBox. Some of them will allow you to take cash instead.