How to Annoy People on Elevators

Do you have those moments where you go out somewhere but are so bored that you desperately need something to do? Well, I have the perfect idea for you. If you are in an area where there is an elevator, why don’t you do some things that will annoy the people that are riding the elevator with you and have fun at the same time? Get some laughs with some embarrassing, but hilarious, ideas.

1) The Stand and Stare Method. This method creeps out the people around you. As soon as a person gets in the elevator, regardless of what happens, just keep looking at them? If they say something to you, just ignore them and continue to look at them. For an added effect, you can even start giggling slightly. That will give them the jitters for sure.

2) The Stand In A Random Corner Method. This method requires you to go to an available corner, face that corner, and stare at the wall and wait. When people come in, they will be afraid to approach you. Take it one step farther and randomly stomp your feet on the ground. For some people, it might make them nervous. For others, it just might make them angry. If you see someone angry, I advise you to move on to another elevator in case they call some authorities for “disturbing the peace”.

3) The Random Call Method. This method calls for random sounds. Once people get on the elevator, randomly start barking or mooing or making any other noises that pops to your head. You can even start talking to yourself to get others to think that you are slightly crazy. Beware though not to make any rude comments or gestures, as this is all in good fun.

4) Bring An Invisible Friend Method. Pretend like you brought your best friend along and talk with him/her. Make it seem like you are having a real conversation or else people will think that you are faking it. I’ve met a number of people who made me believe that they really had an imaginary friend, and it is hilarious.

5) The Take Random Pictures Method. Bring a digital camera with you and start taking random pictures of yourself or the people who are in the elevator with you. One tip: don’t bring a disposable camera. It’s a waste of pictures. Bring a digital camera so that you can delete those random pictures later. You can even tell them to make poses and encourage them. You never know; someone might actually pose for you.

You might find other methods that work better, but I like to think of these methods as the classic ones. If you don’t annoy or weird out any people with these methods, I suggest you make one of your own before getting into an elevator.