How To Apply Makeup For Office Lighting

If you work in an office with fluorescent lighting you have probably noticed that this type of lighting is quite unflattering. Do not despair! There are ways of applying your makeup that will make you look as lovely in this lighting as you do everywhere else.

Because these lights can make your skin look almost green or sallow, you want to offset this by using warm and golden makeup colors. Stay clear of pink in this light because it can tend to look muddy and almost orange under the harsh cast of the fluorescent lights.

Your blush should be in the rose or apricot shades because, again, pink or anything reddish will appear too harsh in this lighting.

For your lips, anything in an earth tone color, like browns, taupes or brick reds, will look almost dirty under fluorescent lights. Try a nice peach or nearly nude gloss or lipstick instead for the office.

The same guidelines apply for your eye makeup at the office. This is not the place for the dark brown, smoky eye. Blue and gray shadows will also not be right in this light. Rose, peach and gold will look best in this lighting because they will offset the sallow and greenish cast of the lighting. Black mascara and liner will play much colder and harsher in office lighting than anywhere else, and so you may want to experiment with brown mascara and liners for work.

There are makeup mirrors available with settings for various types of lighting, and fluorescent lighting is a setting available on most models of these mirrors. The lighting mimics what you would have in an office, and you can apply the makeup as if you are already in that lighting. You may want to pick up a mirror like this, if you do not own one already.

Now that you have an understanding of how the lighting in your office can effect how your makeup looks, it should be a bit easier to pick the right colors. A makeup mirror with the various settings will really help you a lot! This is a fairly inexpensive item that has huge payoffs. You can see your makeup in daylight, night light and office light right in your own home! These minor adjustments will allow you to wear your makeup in unflattering light and still look great. If you must be in an office all day, you might as well look your best while you’re at it!