How to Assemble a Piano Bench – A Quick User’s Guide

Most piano benches for sale online are shipped to you pre-assembled and only the legs need to be attached. This article will explain the installation procedures and recommended routine care of your piano bench.

When you unbox a new piano bench, the legs are stored inside the music storage compartment or if it’s adjustable, fastened to the bottom mechanical mechanism. The first step is to remove the legs, find the parts bag and remove the washers and nuts. There should be four flat washers, lock washers and standard threaded nuts inside plus a metal wrench for tightening the nuts.

Once you are ready to assemble the bench if it’s an adjustable type or a common bench with no music storage it is best to lay the bench on its top, on a flat surface so the legs can be attached to the four angles. If the bench is a common type duet bench with music storage you will need to place the bench on an elevated surface with the bottom facing down and the lid open since the bolts are affixed and tightened from inside the music storage compartment.

You will need to routinely check the tightness of the threaded nuts with the metal wrench to insure the piano bench is stable and to prevent damage. The finish of the bench can be cleaned with a cotton cloth lightly dampened with water, or commercially produced piano polish. Assembly and care of a piano bench is a simple process and can be completed by anyone.