How To Attract Girls And Get A Girlfriend – The Easy Way

How do you get a girlfriend? Not just any girlfriend either. You want the hottest girl in class, the sexiest girl at college, or your stunning neighbour across the street. Well, it's not difficult. In fact, if you follow the Alpha Male advice below, you'll have a girlfriend in no time at all.

Be Confident

This is the number one alpha male characteristic you must learn. Now, this is going to be easier for some than others, and you may be reading this thinking "but, I could never have the confidence to approach a girl". Am I right? Wipe that thought from your mind my friend.

Confidence is not something you need to be born with. It is a skill you can learn. It's a characteristic which anyone can learn. There's not enough space here to go into techniques you can use to do this, but there's plenty of information around on how you can get that Alpha Male confidence.

Be Considerate (but do not get stuck in the "friend" zone)

This is more common than you'd think. Guys get stuck in the "friend zone" before they realise it, and then find it difficult to get out! Easiest way is to make sure it does not happen in the first place. If it does, do not panic. There are techniques to get you out of the zone – one of which is in my article "How To Make A Woman Jealous – Sex Talk".

Take Care of Yourself

I do not mean you need to get down the gym and get yourself a six-pack. Although that is never a bad thing, it's not easy, and we're just looking for the easy ways to get the girl. I'm just talking about the real basic stuff here – brush your teeth, wash your hair, get a haircut, wear clean clothes. Nothing to difficult is it.

Have Something To Say

Easy. Just read a paper or magazine, preferably related to something which she takes an interest in herself. Just memorise a few bits of information (even better if it's something amusing) and bring them up in conversation. Do not reel them off in a list and make it look like you've swallowed a periodical!

Be Funny

I do not mean you have to be a comedian, but you need the ability to laugh at yourself and not be too serious. Humour always comes out as top of women's lists of what they like about men. Note – sarcasm is generally a poor sense of humour and will not make you look attractive, so avoid.

So, there you have it. Learn these tips on how to attract girls and you'll soon get a girlfriend.