How to Attract Girls – Using Eye Contact (And Without Saying Anything at All)

Would you believe that you can communicate tons of information in person without speaking once? Particularly when it comes to seduction, most of the work can be done simply by using body language and deep eye contact.

Flirting is based very little on what you say – body and eye language are more important. If you’ve ever watched two lovers having what seems like a normal conversation, you’ve probably seen this in action. If you just watch their eyes and the way they move their bodies, you can tell that there’s something more going on.

If you’d like to tune up your seduction game and find new ways to woo women without even speaking, then it’s time to discover the power of eye contact.

The Secret to Attracting Girls with Your Eyes – 2 Techniques You Can’t Live Without

Technique #1: “The Triangle Gaze.”
One of the great things about eye contact seduction is that it’s very subtle and you can practice it during any conversation with a woman. Try this: gaze deeply into one of her eyes, then quickly shift your focus to her lips, then to her other eye. She probably won’t even consciously notice it, but she’ll start to feel an immediate attraction.

Technique #2: “Optical Illusion.”
Some men have a real problem when it comes to looking a woman in the eyes. If you have this issue, then try focusing your gaze on a spot on her forehead, between her eyes. It will seem strange to you, but to her it will look like you’re maintaining constant eye contact confidently, which is a big turn on for women.

Just be careful not to stare while using this technique. If you do that by accident, then you end up looking like a total creep and she’ll ditch you the first chance she gets.

One final note…

Eye contact is an integral element of the art of hypnosis. There is one seduction method known as fractionation that uses hypnosis to get inside a woman’s mind. If it’s performed correctly, it will have a woman enthralled by your positive vibes and completely hooked on you.

This fractionation technique is very controversial but it’s undeniably effective. It comes from the playbooks of some of the world’s most skilled pickup artists, and it should never be used lightly.