How to Attract Men Without Saying a Single Word

Let’s make this a quick one because I’m sure you’re VERY *curious* on how to attract men by doing this technique.

Men have what they call the “B-Shield” (I’ll leave it up to your imagination what B stands for). It’s when women put up a mean and intentionally appear, dare I say it, bitchy. It’s also the one thing that women are doing that KILL any chances of attracting men and meeting any decent guys. So this blog post is going to be about a technique on how to attract men that I call the “Un-B Shield.”

(As you can see, I never had a knack for naming things…)

If there’s one thing that you must know about how to attract men, it’s that we live in CONSTANT FEAR of rejection. And boy, is that ever true when it comes to approaching women. The thought of approaching a woman he doesn’t know can literally freeze a man up and make him absolutely weak in his knees. I have seen this happen (hell, it’s happened to me!) and believe me, it is NOT a pretty sight.

When a man sees a woman that catches his eye, this is a very brief summary of the thought sequence that is most likely going through his mind:

“Wow, she’s pretty. I should say something. But what if she doesn’t like me? I just want to let her know that I think she’s cute. But if I do, I’m just going to bother her. She looks busy and looks like she does not want to be interrupted. Forget it…”

How would you like it if an attractive man walked up to you, smiled warmly, and said this without being creepy:

“Excuse me, this might sound a little random, but I just had to let you know that I think you are cute.”

Would that bother you at all? No, I would bet that something like that would flatter you and make the rest of your day.

Guess what, ladies? HE DOES NOT KNOW THAT. So why do some women actually think that being coy and appearing stand-offish is seductive and is beneficial when it comes to how to attract men? That is a HUGE NO-NO.

The Un-B Shield is really simple. If you want to attract a man who is walking towards you, simply look him in the eye. If he’s paying attention, he will look back at you. As soon as you two make eye contact, give him a warm smile and mouth the words, “Hi.”

The key here is your SMILE. That’s it, that’s how you attract a man.

A woman’s smile (especially if you’re smiling at US) can melt any man’s defenses almost instantaneously. He will be like putty in your hands. What you do afterward is completely up to you.

What do you do if you’re in a place where he’s standing still and isn’t walking, say, a bookstore? How do you attract men in situations like these, I hear you ask? That’s easy. Simply position yourself somewhere he can see you, and make some sort of sound. Clear your throat. Or simply look at him, and act as if you’re about to say something. Then do the same thing.

Teenage girls are EXPERTS at this.

When they see someone cute, they make noises and giggle. A lot. They stare at the guy. That gets the guy’s attention (I mean, c’mon – you can FEEL it whenever someone is looking at you). When the guy looks, they turn and giggle even more. What’s funny is, they attract men this way, and more often than not, they end up meeting the guy.

Try the Un-B Shield the next time you go out and want to know how to attract men. I guarantee that you will witness something amazing.


PS. If you want to multiply the power of this technique three-fold and REALLY be able to attract men, use the power of Sensual Seduction (I talk about it in the second section of the “Miss Irresistible” manual) and wear some KILLER PERFUME.