How to Attract Talent With an Effective Employer Brand

Today, recruiters need to really consider their company’s public image to make sure the image communicates the company culture. So, how can you develop a strong employer brand?

Why is it important?

It is highly likely a potential applicant will research your company, whether looking at the careers section of your website or tapping into the experiences of others on social networking sites. So it’s extremely important that the information you provide supports your core messages.

For example, focusing on more than just technical requirements and focusing more on the things that differentiate the position from their current one. Remember, don’t talk poorly of their current job or current company. No one likes it when someone else bad mouths a company.

How it’s done.

There are many different ways you can do this that will work for your brand. Wix, a cloud-based development provider, sets themselves apart by providing a video featuring the company directly on the jobs page of their site.

Including a video on your company and culture causes application rates increase 34 percent. Making sure your career page is mobile friendly is also critical, with up to as many as 80 percent of jobseekers conducting their job searches from mobile devices.

Instead, highlight what makes the position desirable compared to the same position at other companies. This is where employer branding really makes a difference. Keep in mind that office lifestyle is one of the top reasons candidates either take a job or decide to leave a position. Always bring it back to why it’s the best fit for the passive candidate.

A study by CAREEREALISM, shows that some 80 percent of job seekers today will research an employer online before deciding whether to apply to a position there. When candidates don’t find enough information to convince them you’re worth working for, they’ll pass.

Another great way to do this is by implementing Employee Advocates. Your career page is the most important advocate of your brand. It’s a top platform to leverage when searching for and attracting new candidates.

Top Ways to Strengthen Your Employer Brand

  • Social Media rules here. Get to know it.
  • Promote any awards or workplace accreditations
  • Introduce current employees
  • Highlight company wins
  • Promote culture and rewards
  • Tell your company story
  • Utilize employee advocates
  • Have a stellar career page
  • Make sure all employees know the company elevator pitch
  • Use photos and videos to highlight your brand farther