How to Avoid the Friend Zone and Repair Your Relationship After a Break Up!

So, your ex just walked out on you saying that they needed some space…breaking up is intense on so many levels, and now you have to figure out how to mend things. The entire thing is dismal, but if you adhere to a a small number of simple guidelines you may be able to make things right again. This guide will help you avert making any further mistakes as you go to work on healing your connection.

First, end all interactions with your ex. Although this may look very extreme, it is absolutely essential. In view of the fact that you know each other so well, you have to be careful not to settle into the position of best friend. Once your ex sees you as a friend, it will be hard for them to imagine you as a lover. So ending all contact guarantees that you will not just fade into the background.

In all likelihood your ex will attempt to talk to you. If and when they do, be civil and inform them it is now time for you to work on yourself. Let them know that you would be willing to talk about the relationship whenever, as you have always thought that it would turn out well. Politely end your chat when it goes off point.

Do not send out cards or presents until you are dating again. While it virtually by no means helps the situation, it usually just makes it seem worse. If you study this circumstance with detachment your ex does not rate getting a reward from you.

Enjoy this time to develop your horizons. Head outside for a pleasant run or walk in the sunshine. If you are feeling dejection, working out will revitalize you and make you feel well again. While drinking booze dulls the sensation of hurt for now, it will not help the problem.

Take some time to truly make yourself better inside and out. It is the moment in time to reconnect with yourself.

Remember that you’re not in the correct frame of mind to talk with your ex at this moment. Following a little time to contemplate you might have a better understanding of your ex’s rationale for leaving. If your ex was feeling overwhelmed and crowded then letting them have a little space may possibly actually fix the problem for you. They will think a lot of you as you honor their demands.