How to Be a Sex Stud in Bed

Hey guys – have you ever wondered what it really means to be a sex god? The exact definition of this phrase varies from man to man, and from woman to woman. You see, men consider themselves sex gods if they know the bedroom skills they need to impress women, but women will only call men sex gods if they experience orgasm during sex with these men.

This means that if you really want to be a sex god to women, you have to learn how to make women orgasm every time you make love. You may know all the positions in every sex manual available, but if you cannot make women climax during sex, those so-called skills are useless. Read on to find out the closely guarded secrets to making women drag you to bed …

Be A Real Sex God to Your Girlfriend Today Using These Three Essential Techniques

#1: “Make Her Anticipate Release”. Slowly building tension will increase the intensity of eventual release on her part. If you’ve been with women long enough, you probably know by now that rushing will not get you anywhere near making her climax. Keep the love making intense but go slower when you feel that her arousal is increasing. Tease your girl playfully and let her be a little frustrated with the love making pace so that her release will be a lot sweeter. Anticipation is sometimes more intoxicating than the sex itself. Once you got this technique included in your sex routine, you can learn the next skill…

#2: “Pre-Sex Frame”. You can ‘prep’ your girl by giving her a kiss on every hot spot on her body. You can also touch her intimately until it becomes unbearable for her. Make her feel “sexual electricity” before actual penetration so that she will enjoy the sex more. Remember, men are often busted after they come, so you have to make your girl enjoy the lovemaking longer by using the prep phase to increase her pleasure.

#3: “Stack Her Pleasure Release”. The main difference between women and men in bed is that a woman can have multiple orgasms depending on her partner’s skill in this department. Therefore, it’s your job as her boyfriend to master the techniques needed to make her experience multiple orgasms. One fail-proof way to induce stacking orgasms is to touch her G-spot and slowly stimulate her directly on this spot.